Place Value Decimal Tile Sets

Place value can be a difficult concept for students, particularly with decimals. This set of foam place value tiles allows students to experiment with manipulatives and see the concepts in concrete ways. These multiple sets are comprised of individual sets (90 pc total; 30 for each of 3 values). Each individual set comes with an instruction sheet showing how to build place value and a conversion chart using place value disks (such as #045431). Represent numbers using the tiles to work through addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. Each manipulative is 1" square: the tenths are brown; hundredths are green; and thousandths are yellow. The group set provides five individual sets. The class set includes 15 individual sets. ~ Ruth

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Item # 059711
Grades: 3-6
Retail: $176.95
Our Price: $28.79
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