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Nothing fancy here, just a lot of grammar and vocabulary practice at a great price! Each box of vocabulary words contains 1000 cards. The cards are 2"x3" and made of heavy paper (not cardstock or laminated.) In all languages but English, the blue side shows a word in English in white print, the white side shows the word in the target language. Cards cover beginner words to advanced vocabulary and each is identified as a verb, adjective, or noun (nouns include the proper article.) Besides using as regular flashcards, what can you do with 1000 word cards? You could have your student sort out the words they recognize to get started, and then add a few words a week to their repertoire. Or you could pull out 10 random cards at the beginning of a week and quiz your student over them on Friday. Tie into a creative writing assignment by pulling out a few cards for your student to use in a written paragraph. The English vocabulary set has a word on one side and the definition on the other, perfect for ESL learners. Grammar sets have 600 cards of the same size and quality. You are given a task such as Using the future perfect, say "As soon as we've gone food shopping, we can make the paella." The back holds the translation and an explanation of when to use this tense. These are not your beginner type grammar rules in my opinion, though more basic tenses are covered; I think a 2nd or 3rd year language student would get more out of using these than a beginner. A parent could use these with a high school student to check their knowledge since many students use independent programs. They come in a compact, sturdy, bright blue storage box. Great for your college students too! ~ Sara

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