Slate Boards

Not only are these old fashioned and charming, but they are really useful when kids are learning to write their letters. The drag created when using chalk and a blackboard slows down your hand. There is a .75" unfinished pine frame around the slate and you can write on both sides. Use these during a math lesson too! Kids will love the variety it adds. The dimensions below are for the writing surface itself. The sets with chalk have 2 pieces and a small foam eraser. Slate will break if you drop it or hit it too hard.

Here's something else, chalkboards are all over the place for party décor! Use these for a wedding, graduation or birthday party with regular chalk, sidewalk chalk or chalkboard markers. You can paint the frames and decorate a child's room. Use some magnets or Magic Mounts and stick one to the fridge or near your door. Leave notes with chores or assignments that need done. Lots of ideas! ~Sara

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Item # 064549
Grades: PK-3
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Our Price: $6.75
Item # 058742
Grades: PK-3
Retail: $7.80
Our Price: $6.95
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