Place Value Action Tiles and Cubes

Having a hands-on interaction with the concept being taught may help students understand and retain the information better. Designed especially for visual, multisensory, and right-brained learners. This wooden Place Value Board is a great resource for teaching young learners about the ones, tens, hundreds, and thousand families. The bottom tray on the board is the perfect size for the Place Value Action Tiles set (075346). Once a number has been placed in the tile tray, have the student match that number by adding cubes to the rows above. The Place Value Hexa-Link Cubes (075348) fit perfectly and match the color of the tiles. Helpful for teaching students about place value and rounding up. The place value tiles and cubes can be used on their own, but are best utilized with the wooden tray (075347).

The Place Value Action Tile Tray is also a helpful resource for learning and counting with the number families. This tray is intended to be used with the Place Value Action Tiles (075346); however, the user can feel free to get creative with the manipulatives used.

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