Simply Good and Beautiful Math

Efficient, parent and child friendly, thorough, and affordable - Good and the Beautiful’ s math has it all! Focusing on conceptual understanding and mathematical reasoning, this program teaches to all learning styles with games, activities, and stories. Academically, this is a strong math curriculum that was developed by math specialists to meet high academic standards. It is not aligned to the CCS, but will meet or exceed most state standards. Currently available for Grades K-6, with Grades 7-8 planned.

The Grades K-3 sets include the All-in-One Course Book and Math Box with most manipulatives. You provide a few things, like a white board and dry erase marker. Occasionally, additional household items are used. Full-color Course Books are divided into units with a total of 120 lessons, allowing for additional review or reteaching if needed. Lesson text uses 2 colors: blue for parent notes and black to read to the child. Lessons follow a similar format: beginning review, introduce new concept through a short story, and guided activities. The time for each lesson has been carefully planned to meet the attention span of younger learners. Kindergarten lessons will take 10 minutes per day, with lesson time gradually increasing each year, with Grade 3 lessons taking about 30 minutes. Units conclude with an Assessment Test to ensure children master concepts before moving forward, but does not cover all concepts taught, as many will be retaught later. Answer Keys for Grades 1-3 and more teaching resources are free at: Depending on the level, this may include teaching videos, audio downloads, printable flashcards, extra practice pages, or a certificate of completion. No answer key is available for kindergarten. Quality wood constructed Math Box includes grade specific manipulatives.

Beginning in Grade 4, lessons are independent with parental teaching support as necessary. Lesson time varies-4th graders may spend 35-45 minutes per lesson, while Grade 6 learners should anticipate 45-60 minutes per lesson. Sets include the full-color Course Book(s), Mental Math Map Mysteries book in Grades 4 and 5, Answer Key, and access to instructional videos through a QR Code or at the publisher’s website. The 120 lessons follow a similar format: video instruction, mini lesson with practice, and review. Unit Assessments are included. Engaging videos (most 10-15 minutes) provide full instruction and interactive practice problems. Students who have mastered concepts can choose to read the mini lesson summary instead of watching the video. Grade 4-5 Mental Math Mysteries correlates with the Course Book to provide a fun review. As they work through the Course Book, students are directed to complete the lesson in the mental math book. When the program is finished, students will have completed their math and can read the Mental Math Mysteries story. Answer Key provides answers to problems, math mysteries activities, and assessments. Additional free teaching resources available online include additional practice pages and flashcards. Grade 6 Set includes the Course Book Part 1, Course Book Part 2, and the Answer Key.

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