World History (Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum)

Current through 2011, Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum's world history program explores the course of history since 5000 BC. A self-directed study, the 15 basic components of culture form the framework within which world history is examined: agriculture, architecture, communication, discoveries, dominant personalities, education, families, food, government, industry, energy, military, religion, sports, and transportation. The text is very accessible, with a conversational feel. Vocabulary words are highlighted throughout and defined in regular vocabulary boxes. Black and white illustrations, diagrams, and maps are sprinkled throughout for reference. There are six texts (or Chapters), each covering a different time period. Chapter 1 covers 5000 BC-1200 BC; Chapter 2: 1200 BC-1000 AD; Chapter 3: 500 BC-600 AD; Chapter 4: 632 AD-1675 AD; Chapter 5: 1400 AD-1900 AD; and Chapter 6: 1800 AD-2011 AD. There is a corresponding activity book for each textbook. These do not include the answers. The answers and quizzes are found in the Teacher's Resource Kit. This is available in two versions: as a CD-ROM only version (with the answer and quiz pages as pdf files) or in a printed form (with a free download for the pdf files) so you also have access to the pdf files. The full course kit includes all texts, activity books, the teacher's resource kit and an access code for the free download. This is a reading-based world history course that, while not from a specifically biblical viewpoint, attempts to present the information as an honest account of history. ~ Zach

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