K'Nex Imagine Building Sets

Sometimes it's just hard to beat the classics! The 40 model box contains 141 K'Nex pieces and ideas for building 40 different models (usually one at a time). But if your creativity needs an even greater outlet, you can always consider the 52 model set: with 618 pieces and building ideas for every week of the year. Or if you have multiple builders, consider the 70 model set, with 705 pieces! Sets have a mixture of 2-D and 3-D models to choose from, and the ideas are different between the sets. And, as always, K'Nex pieces are made in the USA!

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Item # 052865
Grades: 2-AD
Our Price: $23.75
Item # 006987
Grades: K-3
Our Price: $31.50
Item # 000661
Grades: 2-AD
Our Price: $45.95
Item # 000662
Grades: 2-AD
Our Price: $10.95
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