Can you create a code your opponent can't crack? In this classic two-player strategy game, the rules are simple; one player acts as code-maker and arranges four colored pegs behind a shield on his/her end of the board. Then it's up to the code-breaker to crack the code, guessing at the sequence of pegs the code-maker placed, and trying to duplicate it on the board. After the code-breaker places a row of four pegs, the code-maker uses small white and red pegs to give the code-breaker feedback. A white peg means that the code-breaker has chosen a peg of the right color, but it's in the wrong position. A red peg means that one of the four pegs is the correct color and in the right position. The catch is that the code-breaker has no way to know which one of his pegs is right without some trial and error! Play continues until either all ten rows have been filled unsuccessfully or the code-breaker breaks the code. The code-maker gets points for each row of pegs filled by the code-breaker, or 11 points if the code is not cracked. Then it's time to switch roles and play again. Simple to learn but challenging every time, everyone can enjoy this brain-twisting challenge.

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