Art of Argument

Socrates is the "go to" person when it comes to fallacies (occurrence of bad or incorrect reasoning) and his perspective on the three basic categories - fallacies of irrelevance (points that don't relate to the issue), of presumption (assumptions that are not justified or necessary), and of clarity (language that confuses and muddies) - is sought via time-travel. Several examples of each are provided plus the student has the opportunity to identify fallacies in cleverly fabricated magazine advertisements. Fallacies are printed on the inside covers of the Student Text for easy reference. Both Student and TE (each about 230 pgs, pb) have appendices that include a play and a short story that illustrate fallacies as well as a Glossary and Bibliography. TE includes reproducible chapter, unit, and final exams (with answer key). DVDs include 28 sessions (one for each fallacy) in which three teachers and 4 students present, define, discuss and explain the fallacy. As in the text, the DVDs emphasize a practical application to the student's life through advertisements, political speeches, and various moral/ethical debates.

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