Coding for Kids

Created by software engineers who love to teach children the reasons and purposes of computer code, these books have been designed so that children –and even adults—could start understanding and producing their own code. With no previous coding experience required, these instruction manuals will teach the user how to find and download the necessary programs for operation, how to understand basic codes and coding concepts, how to create your very own projects or video games, and much more! There is so much to learn in the coding world. The books give a great introduction with clear picture illustrations and step-by-step instructions. The Python book (220 pgs) has concepts that are more easily comprehended by those 10-years-old and older, while the Scratch book (156 pgs) has concepts that children as young as 6-years-old can understand! ~ Brianna

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Grades: 5-AD
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Grades: 1-5
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