Vroot and Vroom CD-ROM

Vroot and Vroom CD-ROM Item #: 017134
Grades: 3-4
Does not work on 64-bit Windows 7 or other 64-bit machines.
Also may not work on Windows 2000 or NT.
Retail: $15.00
Rainbow Price: $10.94

Category Review

An excellent supplement to Primary Math! These interactive CD-ROMs use creative characters to engage the user in fun yet meaningful games and activities. Be sure to use the Explore and Learn features for each topic before attempting the activities or games. Activity problems are similar to problems you'd find in the Primary Math workbooks. The learning environment is friendly, providing hints and step-by-step solutions when necessary. These CD-ROMs may be a big help if you have recently started using Primary Math. Solutions, especially in the higher grades, model the thinking processes that should be used when solving problems in the course books. System requirements: Windows 95, 98, ME, or XP (does not work on Windows 2000 or NT); Pentium III, 64 MB RAM, 10x CD-ROM, Windows compatible sound card, SVGA display card with 256 colors, mouse. Please note software does not run on 64-bit machines or 64-bit Windows 7. ~ Anh

Product Review

Primary Math 3 topics - area & perimeter, problem solving, fractions, angles, graphs. Primary Math 4 topics - fractions, graphs, solid figures, symmetry, problem solving, area & perimeter. Alien/space theme.

Customer Review

Elizabeth . from Tampa, FL wrote the following on 03/22/2013:
I bought this for a Windows XP machine (which is now obsolete). The game display is very small on the screen and the programming is very dated. It reminds me of Atari style games. It really needs to be updated and I do not recommend buying it. You would be better off downloading apps. that reinforce the math skills that you are working on.