Story of the World Vol. 1 2nd Edition: Ancient Times (Hardcover)

Story of the World Vol. 1 2nd Edition: Ancient Times (Hardcover) Item #: 036454
Grades: 1-5
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Subtitled "From the Earliest Nomads to the Last Roman Emperor," this volume covers early writing and farming, ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, the Hebrew people, Babylonians, Assyrians, ancient India, ancient China, ancient Africa, Phoenicians, Ancient Greeks, Persia, the Roman empire, the collapse of the Roman empire, early Christianity, Attila the Hun and other barbarians. Volume One was revised in 2006 and now features more illustrations, maps, several timelines and additional parent/teacher notes. The text is available in both paperback and hardcover, and the Curriculum Guide/Activity Book is a bound paperback.

Customer Reviews

Kathy A. from Southeast Wisconsin wrote the following on 04/23/2009:
"Story of the World" is a four volume set of "storybooks" in which tells the story of world history from the time of the nomads through events in the 20th century. Susan Wise Bauer writes in a narrative tone, reminiscent of the late headmaster of Calvert School, V.M. Hillyer. To accompany the four volume set there is an audio recording by actor Jim Wiess and activity books to enhance your studies which can be purchased separately. The grade range listed for this series is grades 1-8. However based on our own experience and the content of the books I would recommend the following scope/sequence: Volume 1 Grade 5, Volume 2 Grade 6, Volume 3 Grade 7 and Volume 4 Grade 8. If you would like to introduce your younger child to world history, I highly recommend V.M. Hillyer's "A Child's History of the World" for Grades 1-4.

Heidi S. from Rochester Hills, MI wrote the following on 08/28/2009:
I guess I am a dissenting voice with regard to this curriculum, but I hope a reader will understand my intent. SOTW has plenty of information, but it is important for a person to know that the author goes out of her way to be VERY NONSECTARIAN. For example, in the section on the ten plagues of Egypt, the first nine are covered, but the 10th (and most important) is given no time. When two major world religions hinge on this one plague (Judaism with Passover and Christianity with the blood that saves us), you would imagine that this would be covered. It is her right to be non-sectarian, but I think a potential user should know this ahead of time. We believe that history is HIS STORY, so I don't believe that this fits our family as well. I know there are thousands of people that love SOTW, but I respectfully submit that it tries too hard to be all things to all homeschoolers, with the end product being watery with regard to Biblical authority.

Kathy A. from Southeast Wisconsin wrote the following on 10/23/2009:
Story of the World is authored by homeschooling graduate/homeschooling mother, Susan Wise Bauer. The series consists of a four volume set of "storybooks" which tell the history of the world from the earliest nomads to the events of the late 20th century. The series is written in a narrative tone, reminiscent of the late V.M. Hillyer's style of writing. Volume 1 covers the time period of the earliest nomads to the last Roman emperor. Volume 2 covers the time period fall of Rome to the rise of the Renaissance. Volume 3 covers the time period from Elizabeth I to the Forty Niners. Volume 4 covers the time period from Victoria's empire to the end of the USSR. To round out your history curriculum I would highly recommend purchasing the activity books which accompany each volume. The activity books correspond with the chapters in each of the four volumes. For each chapter there are review questions, narration exercise, additional history reading, writing/craft/art projects, and an activity. In the back of each activity book there is a section titled student pages which consists of maps, coloring pages and review cards to create a world history notebook. Science is not included in this study, but you can use Jim Wiese's book "Ancient Science" as a starting point. Based on our experience with this series and the content of the curriculum I would recommend it for Grades 5-8. Overall I am pleased with Ms. Bauer's approach to world history and look forward to using this as a unit study in our homeschool.