Horizons Math 2 Workbook Two

Horizons Math 2 Workbook Two Item #: 021614
Grade: 2
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Covers more complex addition and subtraction, multiplication facts 1-10, place value, correspondence, fractions (½,¼), Fahrenheit temperature, ratio, decimals (with money), area, perimeter, and volume.

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emily c. from Jefferson, ia wrote the following on 02/20/2006:
I have found Horizons math to be thorough and enjoyable. Lessons are colorful and include several different exercises, for example, a single lesson may cover time, money, addition, multiplication and word problems. This keeps each function fresh in the student's mind. The only problem I've found is that each set is about a year ahead of my child's level, so in 4th grade, she's using level 3, etc. Also additional practice in multiplication has been necessary. Overall it's the best program I've found thus far.