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Rainbow's June First Fruits Sale

  The new Rainbow catalog is in the mail.  Since June is the first month of the catalog's yearly cycle, we decided (inspired by our pastor's message) to have a First Fruits sale, with two aspects.

  First, a new catalog means many price changes - some go up, some go down.  We have implemented the price reductions, but (with rare exceptions and some publishers' requirements) we are not going to put the price increases into effect until July 1.  So ordering in June means getting our lowest prices of the year. 

  Second, in the Old Testament, God's people offered up the first fruits of the harvest as a sign of trust in His provision.  We would like to do something in this same spirit.  We are offering up all our profits for the month of June and giving them to homeschool families who have educational needs due to hardships of any kind - financial difficulties, accidents, health issues, medical expenses, whatever.  We will provide free educational products, offer college scholarship money, etc. - whatever it takes to donate our June profits to homeschool families who need help.

  What can you do?  First, take advantage of our lowest prices of the year.  You save some money, and, by buying in June, you increase the amount of profit that we are donating.

  Second, we need your help in identifying those families who could use the help.  Contact us (Attn: Deb DeGroot, customer service supervisor) about any homeschooling family that is in need of help, along with a brief explanation of their situation.  You can call our office during our business hours, or use the form provided on our website any time. So that we donate the money wisely, we would also like the name and contact information of a person who knows of the family's situation (a pastor, support group leader, etc.) so that we can verify the need. 

  We will keep you posted on how things progress.  Thanks for your help.

For the Glory of God,

Bob & Linda Schneider and family