History Through the Ages Timeline Figure Set - Creation to Present on CD

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ISBN: 9780972026550
Grades: PreK-Adult

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History Through the Ages Timeline Figure Set - Creation to Present on CD | Main photo (Cover) History Through the Ages Timeline Figure Set - Creation to Present on CD | Additional photo (inside page)

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from Ohio wrote the following on :
I can't believe how well this works! No headaches! This is a 2-CD set. The first CD allows you to print all of the History Through the Ages figures just as they are sold in paper form. The second CD lets you choose only the figures you want to use, and you can pick with or without text. I have been using the second CD. You just choose the figure you want from one of the many cross-referenced lists and then copy it to your word processing program. There you can manipulate it to any size you wish. It is extremely easy to go back and forth between the CD and word program, so you can quickly do whatever you need to do. I was expecting some frustrations, but have found none. As a bonus, there is helpful information about the many ways you can use timelines.
from Boyertown, PA wrote the following on :
The illustrations are beautiful and very well done. I do think itís worth pointing out that there are no illustrations before 5000 bc. I guess since Iím new to homeschooling I did not key in on certain words that would have told me that this CD is creationist based. Our history curriculum is Christian but does include dates much earlier than 5000bc. I guess Iíll just have to supplement with other timeline art for those dates.
from Atlanta, GA wrote the following on :
I just bought this CD. The images are beautifully done. I'm looking forward to using them in timelines and creating games and quizzes. My daughter can use them to jazz up reports. I think the CD was worth the money because by the time I bought all the books, and then ran down to Kinko's to copy and resize things, I might as well have just bought the disc and saved a trip to Kinko's.