Life of Fred: Apples

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Grades: 1-4

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Life of Fred: Apples | Main photo (Cover) Life of Fred: Apples | Main photo (Cover) Life of Fred: Apples | Additional photo (inside page) Life of Fred: Apples | Additional photo (inside page) Life of Fred: Apples | Additional photo (inside page) Life of Fred: Apples | Additional photo (inside page) Life of Fred: Apples | Additional photo (inside page) Life of Fred: Apples | Additional photo (inside page)

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I started my son on this series when he was 8 I was very hesitant to begin with book one because I knew it was just be too easy for him While I was correct in that the concepts taught were below what he was learning he loved the book so much we continued on through the entire elementary level He is excited to do math and begs to read additional chapters each day Currently we are using this as a supplement This series will work well for the child who loves to read It is easy to follow for the teacher and is a terrific value! We love Life of Fred!
June 24, 2013
We are really enjoying the Life of Fred (apples)!!! I am impressed w how it introduces simple algebra; and my 1st grader (and pre K who also listens) enjoys the silly stories! :) I would not use it as a stand alone Math curriculum but think it's a GREAT enhancement!
October 31, 2012
First of all the grade range listed for this book is inaccurate I read it with my 6- and 4-year-olds and they enjoyed it very much The older one got just about all the math there is to get out of it It's recommended here for a Grade 3-6 range but kids that age would be bored to tears with itAnyway on to the review! These books are the hottest topic of discussion on homeschool message boards! I like Life of Fred for high school so when I found out there was an elementary version I had to have it I was expecting weirdness and a bizarre storyline; that's the hallmark of Life of Fred math This book certainly delivers In a few places I wondered if it was too strange for such little kids but they seemed to enjoy the silly jokes and the light tone of the bookAs with the "bigger kid" books there are short "Your turn to play" sections at the end of each chapter to review the math (and other) material covered Because we generally read the book while snuggled up in bed I used this as an opportunity to practice oral math skills with my 6-year-old daughter except in a couple of cases where she neeed to draw a quick diagramAfter I bought Apples I was warned in an online forum that Book D Dogs contains references to euthanasia While no dogs die in the book it is seriously implied that quite a few are put to sleep at the very end The author Stanley Schmidt insists that these references are no more distrubing than those found in Bambi and other classic literature Still it's a parent's decision and some parents have been offended or upset Different children may respond to this differentlyAlso it's been pointed out that as the author is a religious Christian there are occasional Biblical and moral references in the books I'm okay with these but parents should be aware of this since it's a pretty rare thing in a math bookI bought this book as a supplement ONLY - it may indeed constitute a full curriculum but I found that the material was scattered willy-nilly throughout the book I wasn't sure why some things are repeated over and over and others are not For instance the book promises to teach "numbers that add to 7" - boy does it EVER You and your kids will either be giggling or groaning at all the 5's and 2's or 6's and 1's that he throws into the book Other volumes in the series cover numbers other than 7 I'm not sure why he chose 7 but my daughter loved automatically knowing the answer by the end of the book (7!)Finally Life of Fred: Dogs is fairly short - probably only a few weeks of regular reading though I tried to spread it out quite a bit (interspersed with LONG Little House on the Prairie chapters!) Most parents probably want the bulk of their math studies to involve a more rigorous and systematic curriculum that will last a good chunk of the yearBecause it's so short I wouldn't say this book is a terrific value At $16 for a few week's math reading it's a pricey curriculum supplement But for what it offers - a fun way to show kids that it's okay to play with math and not take the whole things so seriously - we will definitely be investing in the next book sometime soon
October 31, 2011
We are currently using this book as a supplement in our math lessons My daughter LOVES it She loves to draw and loves that it incorporates drawing in the math problems For example draw four alligators plus three alligators She loves it and giggles at the jokes and overall enjoys reading and learning
April 15, 2013
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