Write With the Best Vol. 2/Model Great Author

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Grades: 6-12

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Write With the Best Vol. 2/Model Great Author | Main photo (Cover) Write With the Best Vol. 2/Model Great Author | Additional photo (inside page) Write With the Best Vol. 2/Model Great Author | Additional photo (inside page) Write With the Best Vol. 2/Model Great Author | Additional photo (inside page)

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from Minnesota wrote the following on :
Not only does this teach kids how to write (it follows a "formula" for writing that even my third grader could follow and end up with a well written paper), but it also teaches grammar! Children are given an example and then asked to write their own. There is a dictation exercise in which the child finds another example to copy and parts of speech are covered in each lesson. It is an entire English program in one. The literature selections are from well known and respected works and the originals (or versions edited for age) can be found and used for a literature study. My kids have actually started to enjoy writing and their writing has vastly improved. There is very little teacher prep - it is almost scripted. There is a section containing ideas for presentation to different learning styles which was helpful and not too overwhelming. Best of all, the program can be re-used for several years utilizing different literature selections (example for each lesson are included). An excellent program for the money!
from Hillsboro, MO wrote the following on :
I used this program with my 16 year old son, a young man who loves to read and hates to write. He liked it because he loves literature, and each unit begins with a wonderful excerpt to analyze. It is also incremental, and just gives the student a small piece of writing to do each time. They may just list some descriptive words one day, then write a few sentences the next day, then put them in a paragraph the following day. I liked it because there was no advance preparation for the teacher. Doing a little bit every day worked better for us than doing a big project once a week--my son knew we would do it, and that it would be short. His projects turned out very imaginative, and he made some good progress in writing this year. For a child who hates the physical act of writing, I would recommend his typing his projects on the computer. This also makes editing a lot less painful. Great program that I highly recommend!
from Baltimore, Ohio wrote the following on :
Wow! What can I say? This book has been so much fun for all of us with AMAZING results! My oldest (now 7th grade) has always struggled with writing assignments. We have tried a variety of programs that have always ended with little success. This has frustrated me, especially since I am an English teacher! By the time we finished the first unit, my 7th & 4th graders were hooked. They felt excited by producing well written assignments and I was amazed by the quality of their finished work. Even more amazing was the zeal with which they threw themselves into the poetry unit - and their poems impressed the grandparents. I have loved how easy this has been to teach and grade. Preparation was only a few minutes and teaching time would range from 2-20 minutes. Somehow the lessons work the students through the steps of writing in a subtle and painless way, yet the results are natural and do not sound like formula writing. The compositions were usually half written before the actual writing assignment was given. As we approached the end of the school year we had 2 units left. I gave my kids the choice of fable, ballad, or just saying we were done. They instantly chose ballad and are eagerly planning this out - even asking if they can do 2 assignments a day! I never would have believed that writing could become a favorite subject let alone so well done. We are all looking forward to working through this book again next year and improving our writing even more.