Wonder Women

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Wonder Women | Main photo (Cover) Wonder Women | Main photo (Cover) Wonder Women | Additional photo (inside page) Wonder Women | Additional photo (inside page) Wonder Women | Additional photo (inside page) Wonder Women | Additional photo (inside page)

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from Mission, BC wrote the following on :
I cannot say enough about how great these comics are! I have a son whose eyes will glaze over when it comes to history but put one of these comics in front of them and he won't put them down. It has turned history into fun. The content is great. So much information, just as if you were reading a history text but the format is the key. It is a comic book through and through. It looks like a comic book, it reads like a comic book, but it covers the subject matter thoroughly just as a history lesson would. The illustrations are appealing and drawings truly bring history alive. I think with my kids, by learning history this way it has helped them remember what they have read more clearly. They not only have the text memory but they also have the visual memory of the information. We had done a Native American study unit and I was surprised to see how this comic covered all of the key points that we were trying to touch upon. How awesome is that? We have all of the Chester Comix in our house and it was a great purchase for us. We have used them for study units, which is enough to justify the purchase, but these comics are read and re-read in this house just for fun. Who can argue with that?