UCSMP Transition Mathematics Student Text

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ISBN: 9780130584144
Grades: 6-11
Author: Zalman Usiskin

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UCSMP Transition Mathematics Student Text | Main photo (Cover) UCSMP Transition Mathematics Student Text | Main photo (Cover)

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from Juneau, Alaska wrote the following on :
My son used this text last year. He found it very easy to use. The explanations and examples were thorough and he was able to complete his daily work with little extra input or explanation from me. It's a bright, colorful book and has practical examples of application for each subject matter covered. I never once used the teachers manual; I found reading through the student text enough to help when he got stuck; I also have a math background which may or may not make a difference. What I did find extremely useful is having the Teachers Resource File CD-Rom; it contains daily lesson pages, tests, solutions, and teaching aids. It also had 4 varieties of testing to appeal to various learning styles. I don't see it listed here but if you can get it, it would be well worthwhile. I haven't used any other math programs so I really don't have much to compare to. However, this program was recommended to me for my son by a math teacher who has used and tried a number of different texts. My son is more of a hands on learner than not and she felt this would fit his learning style. After using it for a year, I have to agree. We'll be ordering the next book in this series.