Shurley English Homeschool Kit Level 2

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Shurley English Homeschool Kit Level 2 | Main photo (Cover) Shurley English Homeschool Kit Level 2 | Main photo (Cover) Shurley English Homeschool Kit Level 2 | Additional photo (inside page) Shurley English Homeschool Kit Level 2 | Additional photo (inside page) Shurley English Homeschool Kit Level 2 | Additional photo (inside page) Shurley English Homeschool Kit Level 2 | Additional photo (inside page) Shurley English Homeschool Kit Level 2 | Additional photo (inside page) Shurley English Homeschool Kit Level 2 | Additional photo (inside page)

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from CA wrote the following on :
This program really did not work for us. Not all of the jingles rhyme or flow very well and my kids didn't like them. While it's nice to have the lessons scripted and it was easy for me to teach the topic, my children did not like "the question answer flow" and neither did I. The workbook has the kids constantly flipping between the reference section and the practice session and at this age, that is just a distraction for them. I dislike the layout of the practice sessions and felt there was not enough space for second graders to write in. I wish there was a way to view sample pages before purchasing. After 2 weeks my kids were groaning about grammar.
from Texas wrote the following on :
I used this curriculum with my second grader this year. The curriculum they use at his school was leaving him with gaps in understanding the basics of sentence structure and his writing did not improve from kindergarten to first grade. This curriculum did wonders for him this year. In fact, his teacher asked to borrow the books because he was teaching his classmates the jingles and it was helping all of them. He is very strong in math and I believe the methodical nature of the way grammar is taught in this curriculum speaks to the math-minded. If you have a child that enjoys memorizing through song or a math-minded child, this is a grammar curriculum to consider. We will be using it again next year. The teacher's manual is necessary and helpful. It was easy to use and involved very little prep.
from Maryland wrote the following on :
I just had to write this review to say what a wonderful program this has been for my kinesthetic, hands-on learner. Shurley English takes a scripted lesson approach that involves much daily repetition and review of the concepts learned. While some may view this as a negative, the activities are very hands-on, involving crafts and songs and jingles. The scripted lessons are often far from boring, involving stories and rhymes. The proof for our family has been my daughter, who was struggling learning grammar concepts. In just a few weeks she is dancing around the house singing the "noun" song. She spends her free play time wearing a crown and playing with her younger siblings as a "king" in the royal "sentence council." She has them bring groups of words to her so she can decide if she could declare them a "sentence" or a "fragment." We LOVE this program!
from Arkansas wrote the following on :
I love Shurley English. I have only two regrets. First regret is that I didn't discover it earlier. Second is that it stops at 7th grade. My children were not understanding grammar. They would get by enough to pass the test but would not retain it for very long. They are now going into 9th and 10th grade and I still tell them when they get stuck "use your Shurley method". My niece used it also. When she had to go back to public school, she was way ahead in grammar.
from Seattle wrote the following on :
This is a very effective program. After 6 months doing this program religiously, 5 days a week, my son (8 at the time, 3rd grade) went into several ("good") 7th and 8th grade public school classrooms and taught the class parts of speech and how to classify a sentence. He amazed them all, especially the teacher who admitted that most of the students did not know the material my son presented. My son is not a genius or particularly special. He is simply a testament to how well this curriculum works. The keys to success when using Shurley is consistency and the jingles. Shurley lessons should be done every day and are structured to accommodate such a schedule. The jingles come on a CD with the curriculum and work to ingrain each part of speech and sentence structure into the student's head. When presented right, the jingles are a very enjoyable part of learning. My son really enjoyed them and uses them when he gets stuck. While there are plenty of pros for using Shurley, there are also some cons. Shurley is best done in a group setting, so if you have a co-op, this would be ideal. However, if you are going it alone, be warned, it is a complicated, sometimes frustrating format to get used to. The curriculum includes Practice, Reference, and Test sections which are all separate. The Practice and Reference sections have information form multiple lessons on one page. The format is not the most user friendly. The other big con about Shurley is that it requires a lot of direct instruction for it to be effective, hence the recommendation that it be used with groups.
from Wisconsin wrote the following on :
My major was English in college so I am always a bit critical of grammar programs. We love this one! We do not recite the jingles because my children don't really like them. They don't really rhyme or have a good rhythm to them. That being said, we do like the other parts of the program. You should definitely buy the practice booklet. It is worth the money so you don't have to copy sentences every day! My children love the repetition that this program has and I believe it is building a solid foundation in understanding the parts of speech and how sentences work together. We do pick and choose, but I still haven't found any better program for our family.
from NC wrote the following on :
This is a fantastic all-in-one program. Those tough grammar concepts that are often boring and difficult to grasp are so easily picked up and learned in this program! I never imagined my 1st grader to be able to classify nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions so easily. Since this was scripted, I knew it would be easy to teach, but hesitated a little-- thinking that it would feel restrictive. Think again! This well thought out program takes each item step-by-step in increments just the right length. It doesn't overwhelm the child with tons of practice, just a few sentences each day. It has rhymes that are easily learned, and aid in figuring out what each part of the sentence does. The program is well worth it's money, as the proof is in the pudding! My child is excelling with this, but an older child of mine on a different curriculum (who is very bright and learns things easily) has had to take a more intensive approach with daily grammar in addition to the regular English program. This program makes learning so easy, at such a young age, that repeating intensively later on will never be necessary, therefore saving a lot of time! Very little teacher prep is necessary, only occasionally does the teacher do anything out of the ordinary, and even then it is incredibly easy. The teacher does work with the student each day, but at this grade (grade 1) this is very typical. That said, it still is not time consuming. This works well for moms who have little time to prep, and want to have maximum effect for their time, without having to gather additional resources-- it's all there, including writing! The side benefit is that my younger ones often start reciting as soon as my first grader starts. Who knew it would be this easy? All in all, this program is a big thumbs up!
from Washington wrote the following on :
Shurley English includes grammar, writing, and language use (homonyms, editing/proofreading, etc.). Levels 1-6 have been modified for homeschoolers, but it is obvious that this was initially designed for classroom use. The songs and chants help kids master their grammar, and I would recommend this curriculum for an excellent introduction to grammar. However, there is so much repetition from one year to the next that I think it would get tedious after too many years of it, so we will plan to use it every 2nd or 3rd year (after half a year last year and all of this year). This curriculum is very easy to implement, and (except for the beginning of level 1) very little advance prep is required. The teacher’s guides are required; they have the lessons in them and specify exactly what should be done every day. The student workbooks are required and are not stand-alone. A typical lesson requires the parent to write three sentences on a white-board, then work with the child to classify (modified diagramming) the sentences. A specific pattern is taught, so this is very easy to do (my five year old learned how, just listening in on the older kids). After that there’s a short lesson followed by an assignment for kids to do on their own. There are vocabulary assignments, journal writing assignments, language usage exercises, and of course more sentence-classifying. I don’t think it ever takes my kids more than 15 minutes to do any of these routine exercises. The writing assignments take a little longer. One reason that I think this works so well is that it takes a multi-sensory approach. Kids see the exercises on the board and watch you model what they’re to do, then they practice it with you on the board, finally they do it on their own in their workbooks. It’s auditory and oral because they hear you do the classifications aloud, then they do the classifications aloud. They hear the grammar songs/chants and sing along. It’s even kinesthetic because you’re supposed to make up motions to go with the songs. Should I keep writing… Kids must know how to read to succeed with this curriculum, so imho, level 1 would only be used in first grade by kids who learned to read in kindergarten. Last year I used level 1 with my third grader who had not had any previous grammar instruction. If a young child already had a basic understanding of the distinction between nouns and verbs, I would probably skip level 1 and start with level 2. Note that the first month of level one requires some prep time. My middle-school aged kids were having difficulty with indirect objects (taught with a different curriculum), so last year I started them at the level that first introduces that topic (level 4). They could easily have succeeded with a higher level, but I wanted them to realize that this is not a difficult subject. They often said, at the end of a lesson, “That’s it? Can we do another lesson?” so we worked through the book pretty quickly. We are not in any rush to “cover” the material. I want them to master it. But we’re not going to dawdle, either. My fifth grader started with level 3 last year – mainly because she didn’t feel it was fair to do the same level of work as the older kids, but she certainly would have been capable. She is doing level 6 this year. THIS CURRICULUM ALSO INCLUDES WRITING INSTRUCTION. Kids learn to write a 3-point paragraph, then they learn to expand it to a 3-paragraph essay, then to expand it to a 5-paragraph essay. In level 6 they learn to do research papers. This essay writing is very formulaic, which is helpful for the beginning writer. The “introduction” and “main point” paragraphs are acceptable; unfortunately, the way “conclusion” paragraphs are taught leads to mediocre writing, so it will be necessary to further develop their writing skills later by focusing on strong conclusions (for which I would recommend Jump In in 8th or 9th grade). Level 7 has not been modified for homeschoolers. I would recommend completing level 6, then looking at the Shurley scope & sequence to determine whether you think additional grammar instruction is necessary.
from Texas wrote the following on :
My daughter was diagnosed with an unidentified neurological disorder. Public school told me she would never be able to read, among other things. This, of course, prompted me to begin homeschooling. In three years my daughter had indeed learned to read. Although she could read, it held no value because the words meant nothing to her unless it was something she could hold in her hands and touch. Following state requirements, I began teaching English right away but didn't find Shurley English until her third grade year. I began with 1st grade Shurley English since she failed to understand anything I had previously tried. Within a couple of weeks something clicked in her brain. I'm not entirely sure what part of the program helped the most, but for the first time my daughter could use verbs, adjectives, and adverbs in her spoken and written language. She could look up something in the dictionary, see the word with the part of speech, use the sentence flow method, and figure out what the word really means and how to use it properly in a sentence. Most importantly, she understands! She really understands! It took us two years to get through the first book. Since then, English has become her favorite subject. Now we are catching up to her peers. Better yet, she now enjoys reading! Thank you Shurley English.
from Iowa wrote the following on :
Last year was my first year of homeschooling. To put it mildly, I was nervous. English had me especially scared. It was never my strong subject, and I still never really understood what a preposition or a predicate was. This program walked me right through it. Not only did all three of my kids learn-- I finally get it! It was fun to teach, fun to learn, and it teaches so much more than public school would ever dream of. All children should have the opportunity to learn this way. I haven't tried any other products, but I can't imagine anything better. It's worth it's weight in gold! It rates as reason enough to home school!
from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania wrote the following on :
We love Shurley Grammar! This is the second year that we are using Shurley. Last year, we used SG2 and I thought that my kindergartner would just learn the jingles. Well, when my daughter got out her practice booklet and started to parse her sentences, my son said, "Mamma, I can do that! Let me try!" So, I started teaching both children together and after a few lessons and parsings, even my youngest could parse a whole sentence by himself. My children love the jingles and it has even helped when I'm teaching Latin grammar. Sometimes if the children are stuck on a concept, I sing the Shurley jingle for that part of speech and then it "clicks" and they're able to better understand Latin grammar because of their Shurley grammar. I like it that the lessons are scripted, too. They're a life saver! We have so much fun with grammar and it's all because of Shurley. We're looking forward to the new jingles that we'll get to learn this year!
from Sacramento, CA wrote the following on :
I had to share my thoughts on Shurley English, Level 4 because I was very skeptical at first. My friend recommended this English program to me at the beginning of the school year and, at first glance, it looked overwhelming. Once she sat down with me and walked me through it, I decided to purchase it. We had been using IEW which was very overwhelming for my 3rd grader with slight learning disabilities. I was also concerned that my 6th grader was not getting even the basic grammatical lessons that he could so easily comprehend at his age. As one with a degree in English, I am VERY impressed with this program! The kids are retaining what they are learning, and somewhat enjoying it (dare I say it)! Looking over the scope and sequence, it seemed most logical to me to start at level 4 for both my 3rd grader and 6th grader. I was nervous about this but am so happy I did this! My 3rd grader is "getting" it and it is filling in gaps that other curriculum didn't touch on for my 6th grader! I highly recommend Level 4 as a jumping off point if you're looking to teach your upper elementary aged children about grammar, vocabulary, and writing! My kids find the jingles corny BUT, guess what, THEY WORK! Because of those corny jingles, my kids can describe a noun, adjective, adverb, all the prepositions, objects of prepositions, components of a complete sentence are/is! This is a wonderful program and one I plan on continuing on with!
from Altamonte Springs, Fl. wrote the following on :
Shurley English is one of THE BEST grammar programs out there. After searching for a solid grammar program five years ago, we stumbled upon, Shurley English. My daughter loved it right from the start. The jingles, included in the CD, are easy and fun to learn and sing. Even mom enjoyed them! The student then takes the jingles and applies them to their assignment. The assignments themselves move along at a nice pace. Every grammar concept is practiced as well as reviewed into the next chapter so each rule introduced is not forgotten. Shurley English teaches the student how to break down and classify sentences. Your student will be able to label each word and sentence according to its proper punctuation as well as its parts of speech. Writing is also included in this grammar program. Writing can be a challenging and difficult task to teach any child. But, with Shurley English children as early as first grade can begin writing well thought out sentences. Paragraphs and Essays are introduced in books two through four. Because this grammar program teaches how to break sentences down, this same concept also helps the student to build well rounded, complete sentences up. I have always found the teachers manual to be extremely helpful. It truly does explain every lesson, concept, writing assignment, and rule to you. It did take about two weeks to successfully learn how to use the teachers manual. But after that, it was smooth sailing. Shurley English is one of the first subjects my daughter wants to complete in the morning. A lot of the time she is already working on her sentences before I can get my teachers manual open! If you want a solid grammar program that will teach your child to beacome a strong reader and writer, this is the program for you. We are going into our sixth year of Shurley English and I have never regretted using this curriculum. It is always well worth the price! I should also point out that my beautiful daughter is Autistic. If my child can excel in this program, any child can.
from nj wrote the following on :
I have used the Shurley English program for the last 10 yrs, and have gone through all levels. I really like this program. It is set up so easy for the teacher that this subject always gets done. It is repetitive but I think that is what makes it work. By the end of 7th grade, your child will not forget parts of speech or how to write a paragraph. If there is a part you don't like to do (question answer flow for ex.) you can skip it or modify it for your children. The only thing I think it lacks is to include a spelling program. Highly recommend this program.
from Nashville wrote the following on :
I am a former elementary school teacher and now homeschool mother of three. We had our kids in a classical school for a few years, which was a wonderful learning experience for me. I am a former public school teacher across three states. I hold a Bachelor's degree in elementary education and a Master's degree in education with a focus in early literacy. I have had all of my children in Shurley Grammar and can say that it is the best grammar program out there for elementary grades. Many people I know are lost in their search for something that works, re-evaluating their curriculum choices every year. Our kids have never skipped a beat, have always mastered the material and have a command of grammar beyond any of their peers. It is very easy to teach, although I do run into a lot of people who are afraid to try it. Apparently, it looks more difficult than the other materials on the market. From an educational philosophy perspective, it is brilliant. It fits perfectly within the model of a truly classical education. When you really understand that, not just the subject of grammar, you will understand why the jingles are helpful and essential parts to the program. It doesn't have to rhyme perfectly or have a catchy tune in order to be a very effective tool when it comes to committing the subject matter to memory. Just look at classical chronological history courses like the ones offered through Veritas Press. Those have the same kind of songs, and they are incredibly powerful if used as they are intended with periodic repetition over time... leading to an "over" mastery of the material.