Saxon Phonics Program K Teaching Tools

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Saxon Phonics Program K Teaching Tools | Main photo (Cover) Saxon Phonics Program K Teaching Tools | Main photo (Cover)

Customer Reviews

from North Carolina wrote the following on :
I love Saxon Phonics! I have used Saxon Phonics for Kindergarten and first grade and I plan to use it for second grade. I will also add that although Saxon Math did not work for my daughter, she loves and has learned to read with Saxon Phonics. The teacher's guide tells you everything you need to say and do. There is little to no preparation time for individual lessons. There are many cards to seperate, but I do that at the beginning of the year using rubber bands and small, inexpensive baskets. Then the cards are ready when you need them. The kit comes with everything you need except a stapler (for the cute, and interesting, books they will make). There is plenty of review- all of the concepts are thoroughly covered. This program is set up for students to succeed and feel confident in their ability to read. The first grade program starts off the year with a review of each letter (one per day) and adds some digraphs that were learned in the Kindergarten program. There is enough information/ review for the parent and student to understand the digraphs and combinations that are taught. By lesson 12, the student begins making and reading her own readers. The card decks are reviewed daily (but not added to every day). They cover letter names, letter sounds with keywords, sight words, accent cards, and sound spelling. The teacher's manual is pretty good about giving suggestions to make the deck review interesting (throwing a ball back and forth as they say the letter name/ standing up on the accented syllable/ racing against a previous time/ playing teacher). There is also a point in mid year where the manual suggests making a review deck by pulling the cards that the student knows best- those are reviewed once a week from then on (and this "Review Deck" is added to throughout the rest of the year). The lessons are organized in groups of 5 and basically follow the same pattern: Day 1- Review/ new material/ Worksheet/ Spelling List/ Homework Sheet Day 2- Review/ New Material/ Worksheet/ Homework/ Reader Day 3- Review/ New Material/ Worksheet/ Homework Sheet Day 4- Review/ New Material/ Worksheet/ Homework/ Reader Day 5- Review/ Assessment/ Spelling Test The homework sheet is on the back of the worksheet and can be done independently. The Spelling List consists of words that follow rules that have been taught in previous weeks- so there has been plenty of review. It also includes 2 sight words for the student to learn. The Assessments are extremely helpful and Teacher-friendly. They make it easy to see where the weak areas are and also give specific games to play to strengthen those areas- You already have the materials you need in the kit! Games are explained in the back of the teacher's manual and use the "Kid Cards" that come in the kit. I have 2 more children that have to learn to read- and this is the program I will use. I have used various curricula to teach other subjects (trying to decide which I like best), but I won't be changing Phonics programs!
from Ohio wrote the following on :
I have been using Saxon Phonics for nine years with 4 different students. I am still amazed at the number of people who know nothing about it. Just like Saxon Math everything is laid out for the teacher and very helpful especially when it comes to coding (using the diacritical markings). Each of my children has a different learning style. Working with the letters, sounds, and phonics rules through various manipulatives has made them well rounded readers as well as spellers. Every one of them are wonderful readers testing above grade level. It is a true phonics program. I wished I had learned this way when I was young!