RightStart Mathematics Math Card Games Kit

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Grades: PreK-4

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RightStart Mathematics Math Card Games Kit | Main photo (Cover) RightStart Mathematics Math Card Games Kit | Main photo (Cover)

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from Nebraska wrote the following on :
These math games are FUN!!! We have had this set almost a year, and my 10yo son and 7yo daughter both greatly enjoy it. They have memorized so many math facts- without trying. The games serve 2 purposes- 1. to help children enjoy math and playing around with numbers, and 2. to replace boring, mind-numbing drills. I have yet to meet a child who enjoyed endless math drills; But this set provides practice for all the different math facts, in the most painless way. The set is a great value because it covers, basically, all forms of K-5 math. I was worried the games wouldn't be interesting enough or varied enough for frequent use, but they are. We use them both during the school day and at night with dad, just for fun. In fact, one of my friends (a chemist and math wiz) uses this set as her only math 'curriculum' for her children until starting them with geometry and pre-algebra in 7th grade. Yes- they are THAT good! I can't recommend this math game set highly enough.