Make Your Own Mini Snowman World

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Make Your Own Mini Snowman World | Main photo (Cover) Make Your Own Mini Snowman World | Main photo (Cover)

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from TN wrote the following on :
My five year old daughter received this kit as an inexpensive stocking stuffer, really almost an afterthought. I didn't know what to expect, but it was AMAZING! The kit contains three little tiny pouches of polymer as well as a smaller pouch of "decorative beads." Because of the tiny package and the underwhelming little bags of granules, it is not much to look at... and with such a low price one might not expect much. But such thinking is wrong! The directions were detailed and clear, and we had no problem at all in making our "snowman world." The packet called "Super Snow" made a large amount (we used less than half the packet and it was still enough to make a substantial scene in a 9x12 pan). It took only a minute or so of stirring in warm water to activate the change from bits of dry powder, to a slightly thick clear gel, to fluffy white "snow." And it really did look like beautiful glistening snow! It is hard to describe the consistency of this gel-like material, but it looked so realistic that one almost expected to feel cold when touching it. This was the base of our scene. The "Snowman Powder" was even more amazing. A mere two teaspoons added to a cup of warm water INSTANTLY turned into a pliable solid with a moldable consistency. It felt strange but pleasant, like playing with mashed potatoes. We shaped these into balls, making 6 wee snowmen. The directions said that the kit would make "three free-standing smowmen," but we got 6 men about 3 inches tall from about half of the package of snowman powder. A third polymer, the "Snowballs," consisted of a bag of about 65 clear, BB-sized beads. When placed in water, these swelled to many times their size, ending up about the size of a marble with a slippery, bouncy feel (reminding me of those oil-filled bath beads). We made 20 these the day before so they would be ready, since it takes a few hours for them to reach full size but the other components are instantaneous. The "snow," plus the little snowmen, plus a few of the clear balls which looked like ice scattered about made a lovely scene in our pan, and we used less than half of the package! Additionally, the small bag of "decorative beads" turned out to be the same type as the Snowballs, and the intructions said these were included to decorate the snowmen when used in dry form. We did this, but the color bled from the beads and stained the snowman faces, which did not please our daughter. She removed them from the faces and put them in a jar of water to expand. This discoloration was the only negative to this kit, aside from a bit of mess which was of course expected. I'm excited to see if the elements are really reusable as the package says, and to use the rest of our snow some other day. I envision using the remaining polymers to create a scene for playing with plastic penguins or polar bears or something. Using this kit opened up discussion about water absorption and expansion and will eventually demonstrate evaporation. This was a fun and educational gift for our family, and at a great value! This was the "miniature" snowman world, so I can only imagine what the regular sized kit would be like... it must make a large amount.