Life of Fred: Fractions

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ISBN: 9780970999597
Grades: 5-7
Author: Stanley F. Schmidt

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Publisher:Polka Dot Publishing
Pub. Date: 2010
Binding: Cloth Text
Pages: 192
Dimensions: 7.25 x 10.25 x .6 in.; 1.3 lbs.
Edition: illustrated
Language: English
Age Range: 11 to
Audience: Elementary/High School
Life of Fred: Fractions | Main photo (Cover) Life of Fred: Fractions | Main photo (Cover) Life of Fred: Fractions | Additional photo (inside page) Life of Fred: Fractions | Additional photo (inside page) Life of Fred: Fractions | Additional photo (inside page) Life of Fred: Fractions | Additional photo (inside page) Life of Fred: Fractions | Additional photo (inside page) Life of Fred: Fractions | Additional photo (inside page)

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I have seven children ages 22 down to 3 and NO other curriculum has been as helpful or enjoyable as Life of Fred Math We've used all the books from Apples (1st grade) to Calculus with the various ages of children My kids who were older when we started using the books learned more math to mastery in one year than they had in all the years before put together My three oldest (In 11th 9th and 7th grade at the time) had pretty much given up hope of ever understanding math but after using Life of Fred: Fractions (the book they all started with) they not only "get" math they LIKE math! Plus they learn it all on their own just like they should
July 18, 2014
LOF Fractions is the book that turned Math around for my son I read about Life of Fred(LOF) on a homeschooling board and knew that I had to at least try it The story of Fred is engaging(I even enjoy reading the stories!) and at the same time weaves mathematical concepts into the lesson The problems in the book are presented in a fun and easy setting but are still challenging enough that students learn Math and the whys and wherefores behind the concepts The book is beneficial to those students whose strengths lie in verbal and language abilities It puts Math in 'their language' The LOF series has given my son a confidence in Math that I had not seen before and has taught him to work independently Another plus for this series is cost LOF is one of the least expensive Math programs available for homeschoolers My son is now in high-school and we will continue to use the LOF series for his Math credits
August 8, 2012
My 12 year old son tired of the same old math drills year after year and I knew he needed something more to spice up his enthusiasm He loves math and we typically use two curriculums for it but it got dull Fred is amazing! It is self-taught which my son thought was fabulous and it is so engaging! My son was hooked once he opened the book We ordered fractions to review but really just so we could start at the beginning of Fred's journey it's that good It's the first subject that my son does everyday This curriculum is very easy to use and you need only the text It is a very worthwhile investment I have to say that this is a one of a kind type of math program and I have no negative thoughts about it We have used A Beka Singapore and Math-U-See for elementary math For secondary math I have to say Life of Fred is my top choice
August 15, 2010
Our daughter has dyscalculia and other math curricula caused volcanic eruptions of tears If you hadn't reviewed LIFE of FRED in such detail I wouldn't have contacted the books' author and my daughter probably wouldn't be smiling and laughing her way through her math today! Thanks again!
September 29, 2010
Wow!!! I cannot begin to express how excited I am about this math program I ordered Life of Fred Fractions as an experiment I received the book on Friday and gave it to my daughter just to look over She started to READ and after a few minutes she came to me and asked for a piece of paper I watched in awe! By Sunday morning I had to pry the book out of her hands and demand that she put her math book away for a while She had completed half the book on her own My daughter had previously finished the first half of Singapore 4 which covered fractions; however she just as easily mastered new concepts as well as math concepts she had been taught previously When I would pass her room I could hear her laughing out loud at the stories!!! I have since recommended it to everyone I know It is a unique book that tests whether the student truly understands math concepts My daughter self checks all the problems until she reaches a "bridge" and she brings the problems to me to check (answers are in back) If anything is missed I can tell immediately which concept needs to be reviewed "Chapters" are short (as little as one page) but teach an incredible amount of information I believe this would be an excellent series to prepare a student for the SAT
March 2, 2010
Everybody loves Fred!! Yep even the 3 year old! We purchased Fred after a very frustrating search for upper grade math From experience some of the more "popular" math courses are just not the best for everyone Too much reading instruction repetition just too much of everything We have a child who struggles with reading he tires easily and frustrates quickly Math however was his strength Of the two math courses we tried one was heavy on reading and the other had NO instruction Where to find the balance? The computer math courses were a little too pricey for us When my new Rainbow catalog arrived I happened to flip open tho the page presenting The Life of Fred HmmmInteresting After some internet research we plunged in buying the whole set My son is happily plugging through the first book Challenging yet not overwhelming My oldest daughter used the Fractions and Percents & Decimals for review and said they were fantastic She also noted they were a great follow up to Saxon 7/6 She is currently in Basic Algebra and really enjoys it Sometimes at night I find her reading to her little brothers out of Fred They giggle at the pictures and repeat the stories to people in conversation As far as difficulty or depth or adequate coverage of topics? We shall see Right now it's nice to have a child excited about math relaxed in his learning and enjoying a good challenge Fred forces you to think The questions stretch you There aren't that many questions in each chapter however they are LOADED! One more note on the depth of coverage Our uncle was visiting and he is literally a rocket scientist He was looking over Fred smiling at the kids' excitement He nodded and said "This is nice very nice Challenging and thorough yet very engaging" He wrote down the title so he could pass it on to a friend who home schools There you go approval from a rocket scientist Good enough for me
October 21, 2009
This book holds my son's attention and breaks fractions down into simpler steps.
May 18, 2016
4 months ago
My son has struggled and struggled with math the last several years and absolutely hated anything to do with math Everyday was a fight to get him to do his math He would sit for hours and hours just staring at his math book and cry when I tried to sit down with him to work on it I've tried several different curriculums with him and nothing worked I decided that this year something needed to change with his math After searching for a math curriculum that he would enjoy and understand I consulted a curriculum specialist here at Rainbow Resource I explained my dilemma and the specialist asked "Does your son like to read?" I told her he does and then she recommended The Life of Fred math books This has been the best math book I have ever seen or tried to do with my son! It has a great story line (Yes! It teaches in story form!) that captivates my son and he doesn't want to stop doing his math now! He does several chapters everyday and his math is the first thing he pulls off the book shelf every morning He is grasping the fraction skills so easily (because they are explained so simply) which is something that he's never been able to do before I am also finding my other children reading the books just for the story! If you have a child who is struggling in math or if your child could just do with a different twist to math these are the books for your child! I highly recommend them to anyone!
September 22, 2008
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Hoping LoF helps with non-math student.
Robin H on Aug 19, 2016
My kids enjoy Life of Fred.
Jodi G on Aug 16, 2016
Hoping LoF helps with non-math student.
Robin H on Aug 19, 2016
I have a bright 12 YO who thinks she doesn't like math. It's time to try something different.
Andrea S on Aug 16, 2016
My kids enjoy Life of Fred.
Jodi G on Aug 16, 2016
Good reviews
Tequitia A on Aug 8, 2016
I have heard good things about this curriculum.
Barbara T on Jul 29, 2016
I have a struggling to learn child & have heard great things about LoF!!
Michaela L on Jul 18, 2016
highly recommended by fellow homeschool family
Melanie T on Jul 11, 2016
I needed something new and fresh for my 6th grader and this math program seems to be just that! we are excited to try it out!
Camilla C on Jun 30, 2016
Love me some LOF
Kristen C on Jun 1, 2016
Tried the elementary Life of Fred books and loved them! I expect to enjoy these as well.
Beth M on May 22, 2016
Fred is great because we can easily springboard into other areas of study.
Melissa P on Apr 29, 2016
My fifth grader is having difficulty grasping the addition of several fractions.
Cheryl R on Apr 17, 2016
Creative approach
Christine D on Apr 10, 2016
My kiddos love the Life of Fred series so continuing with Fractions and Decimals & Percents was a nobrainer:)
Erica W on Mar 31, 2016
Fun, love all Life of Fred books!
Rachel C on Feb 25, 2016
Fractions are difficult for most people, kiddos and adults both. This book makes them easy for most anyone to understand!!!!
Anita B on Dec 3, 2015
We thoroughly enjoyed using the previous 5 Life of Fred books and want to continue on. Life of Fred: Fractions is the book after Life of Fred: Mineshaft. We hope to use Life of Fred all of the way through high school or until we complete all of the books.
Trisha G on Nov 24, 2015
This product was recommended by other homeschooling moms that have tried several different curricula.
tara s on Nov 15, 2015
looking for different style of teaching for this topic.
Aaron L on Nov 1, 2015
We have loved LOF from Apples through Mineshaft. It makes sense for us to continue with a program we adore.
Elizabet Y on Oct 6, 2015
My daughter doesn't like math but likes to read.
Laura Beth R on Oct 5, 2015
I have a bright 12 YO who thinks she doesn't like math. It's time to try something different.
Andrea S on Aug 16, 2016
Good reviews
Tequitia A on Aug 8, 2016