Key to Decimals Book 3: Dividing

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ISBN: 9780913684238
Grades: 4-12
Author: Steven Rasmussen

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Key to Decimals Book 3: Dividing | Main photo (Cover) Key to Decimals Book 3: Dividing | Additional photo (inside page) Key to Decimals Book 3: Dividing | Additional photo (inside page)

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Customer Reviews

from Texas wrote the following on :
I love the Key to.. program. I had a math student that was struggling so much in algebra that I ended up making him do the decimals, fractions and percents books in this program as well as the first book of the algebra program. While he still struggles in math, he is way better now than he was and we have finally started our algebra program back up again. I love how these books take you step by step. Most math books show you how to work a whole problem all at one time, but not this one. It has you work things little by little. It really is amazing how a student who was once petrified when confronted with fractions, decimals and percents can work them with confidence now. Also the one book we worked from the algebra series really helped his skills in working with negatives and positives. I highly recommend them.
from Pflugerville, Texas wrote the following on :
My 13 year old son is bright but has multiple learning disabilities, so some math programs can be daunting for him in terms of their teaching methods, order of presentation, complexity and -- let's face it -- fluff! The Key to . . . Series has been GREAT! The Series breaks each math discipline down to the basics and presents the concepts one at a time in a clear, straightforward manner with plenty of drill on each concept before moving on to the next. The drills can all be done or some can be skipped, as needed. Although this series is, I believe, designed as a supplement, my son uses this series as his sole math curriculum and has worked in the books on Percents, Fractions, Decimals, Algebra and Geometry. He is currently working his way through the Key to Algebra books and is gaining an excellent understanding of Algebra! We are so thankful to have found a math curriculum that works for him!