Critical Thinking Activities grades K-3

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ISBN: 9780866514712
Grades: K-3
Author: Dale Seymour; Ed Beardslee

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Publisher:Dale Seymour Publications
Pub. Date: February 1997
Binding: Trade Cloth
Pages: 174
Dimensions: 8.51 x 10.94 x .43 in.; 1.07 lbs.
Edition: illustrated
Language: English
Education Level: Preschool/Kindergarten/Elementary
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Critical Thinking Activities grades K-3 | Main photo (Cover) Critical Thinking Activities grades K-3 | Additional photo (inside page) Critical Thinking Activities grades K-3 | Additional photo (inside page)

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from Indiana wrote the following on :
My children enjoy the work they have done in this book. My 9 year old twins just completed this book and will be beginning the next one in the series. From a parent's perspective, it is great. There is little to no prep time, I just choose which page I wanted them to complete. Given the different abilities of my boys, some days were quite challenging. One of my twins is autistic and the other is ADD. My autistic son was able to handle all the patterning type problems, but would have more issues with the abstract ideas (which is great as we want to expand his logical thinking) and my ADD child really struggled with slowing down and thinking. This has not changed, but towards the end of this book, he was very impressed with his ability to copy the pattern most of the time. Because my children are behind grade level in math, they were unable to do some of the more difficult math logic pages, but I am confident that as they progress through math they will be able to complete them. We really liked the different styles of logic thought processes used and the fact that it was fun for the children. The cons were that some days it just seemed much more difficult than my children were able to handle. That said however, there are many more pros than cons and the more difficult pages we set aside to do later. We think that the value of the product is great and we will continue to use this series with our children.