Christian Kids Explore Physics w Resource CD

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Grades: 4-8

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Christian Kids Explore Physics w Resource CD | Main photo (Cover) Christian Kids Explore Physics w Resource CD | Additional photo (inside page) Christian Kids Explore Physics w Resource CD | Additional photo (inside page) Christian Kids Explore Physics w Resource CD | Additional photo (inside page)

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from Science wrote the following on :
This past school year I used the Christian Kids Explore Chemistry curriculum with my four kids, ranging from 2nd to 7th grades. We all loved it, and I found the format very user friendly. It helped us understand the basics of chemistry that chemistry experiment kits can't, without being too overwhelming for my 2nd & 3rd graders. We especially enjoyed creating our own research cards on the elements from the periodic table. My kids were inspired to memorize over 50 element symbols, and I even catch them checking out library books on individual elements. There were a few "experiments" that were far too simple for my older kids. The only thing to change would be to make the curriculum longer. But then again, we had time and clearer understanding to really get something out of the experiment kits I used to extend the curriculum to fit our school year.
from Kentucky wrote the following on :
I ordered the book Christian Kids Explore Biology for our science curriculum. When I began to look through the book it was very exciting. Finally, a science curriculum that both my kids and I could enjoy. The explanations are thorough and the questions and activities are thought provoking and fun. (My kids and I have already been reading some of the chapters). I also love the side notes that lead you to more discovery. The biggest plus is that I can use this curriculum with all my kids at one time. How wonderful is that?
from Southeast Wisconsin wrote the following on :
While searching for a science curriculum to continue to build upon the scientific knowledge base our child already has acquired I discovered the "Christian Kids Explore" science series by Bright Ideas Press. "Christian Kids Explore Biology" is a science curriculum which follows the teachings of "intelligent design" with the influence of the teachings of Charlotte Mason and Classical Education. The curriculum is divided into 35 lessons covering the topics of Biology Basics, Plants in God's World, Birds of the Earth, Mammals in the Wild, The Human Factor, Reptiles All Around, Insects High and Low, and Water Creatures. The lessons are divided into teaching time, checking it out, hands on time, quick quiz, memory work, vocabulary,coloring pages and books. The curriculum contains notes for the teacher on "how to use this book" along with an appendices including reproducible forms/maps, memorization lists, Scripture memory, ABC Animal Book, coloring pages, recipes/supplemental activities, answer key and book/resource list. We are planning to follow this edition with the remaining books in the series on the topics of earth and space, chemistry and physics.
from Shingle Springs, CA wrote the following on :
These books are wonderful and we are so lucky to have such a wonderful science curriculum that is easy to use with more than one student. It's through and has a perfect blend of hands on activities to add to the text. I used it from grade levels 2-5 and they all did well with it and I didn't find it over anyone's head. It worked for my different kinds of learners and was well worth the investment.