All Through the Ages

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Grades: K-12
Author: Christine Miller

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All Through the Ages | Main photo (Cover) All Through the Ages | Main photo (Cover) All Through the Ages | Additional photo (inside page) All Through the Ages | Additional photo (inside page) All Through the Ages | Additional photo (inside page) All Through the Ages | Additional photo (inside page) All Through the Ages | Additional photo (inside page) All Through the Ages | Additional photo (inside page)

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from Kansas wrote the following on :
All through the Ages is a great investment for any family who uses living books from the library instead of textbooks. I can now reserve library books online with confidence. Books are always topic and age appropriate and it's easy to find an alternative if the library doesn't have my first choice.
from Ohio wrote the following on :
Don't make the mistake that I did and think this is just another history is a history booklist but oh so much more! Books are listed by time period, genre, and age-appropriateness. There are lists for geographical, art, and science history books. Use Beautiful Feet or another curriculum? There are notations by the book titles showing to which curricula they belong. Just another booklist...ha! This is just the best investment I've made in our homeschool! You will not regret buying this one.
from Bowie, MD wrote the following on :
This book is a wonderful resource. After floundering for many years wondering how to effectively teach history and what resources to use, this book has given me confidence in teaching solid history/geography to my children. The only thing I would add to this book is a sturdy bookmark which notes the source and source symbols for the titles which are listed. A bookmark would make it easier to find the source instead of having to flip back to the introduction. All in all, this is a worthy investment worth every penny.
from Southeast Wisconsin wrote the following on :
"All Through the Ages" by homeschooling mother Christine Miller is a compilation of over 5,600 of the best living books and great literature on the topic of history. Within the introduction the author guides you on how to use the book, tips on teaching pre-history, creation and evolution, teaching history chronologically, using literature to teach history, history scope and sequence, and the use of real books in the elementary/secondary curriculum. The book then takes you on a tour of history beginning with chronological history,geographical history, history of science and mathematics, history of visual arts and music and great books of western civilization and Christian tradition. In the back of the text there is a comprehensive index listing of the resources utilized in the book.
from Missouri wrote the following on :
All Through the Ages is one of the most wonderful homeschooling resources I have found! Its book lists are extensive, and I love how the lists are organized. Within each topic (Japan or Eastern Europe or the Renaissance, for example), there are Resources for All Ages, in addition to books on Specific Events, Historical Fiction, Literature, Biography and Culture. Books in these categories are listed for various grade levels. This book is so easy and fascinating to use!
from Raphine, VA wrote the following on :
I hardly know how to begin to praise ALL THROUGH THE AGES. The introduction is a prize in itself. Her encouragement and gentle guidance is something I will read again, perhaps in the middle of the year, when I am feeling worn-out. After reading the intro, I felt that all children should be homeschooled to experience the joy of learning history, if for no other reason!! I began homeschooling over 6 years ago, employing very traditional methods, as this was the only experience I had, being public-schooled myself. Soon,(and thankfully), I stumbled upon Charlotte Mason methods of teaching, and I was liberated! Our school has been ever evolving since. For those familiar with Miss Mason's philosophy of using living books or for those who just know there has to be more to education than a dry textbook, this book is a treasure trove of book lists, presented in a way that is not overwhelming or confusing. I have always been intrigued by unit study, but never brave enough to take the plunge into using unit study exclusively. I would imagine this book to be helpful to those who are veterans at unit studies, as well as to moms like me that like to do mini-unit studies in areas in which I can be comfortable, such as history and geography. My daughter likes to do "unit studies" of countries. I have had a difficult time finding quality book lists that are country-specific, even searching online. This book contains wonderful book recommendations for many countries, for all ages and areas of interest. Timelines and some essays in the history section pull everything together, so that you as the teacher feel as though you are aware of the entire sequence of history, while choosing to elaborate with real (and interesting) books on the period (and specific events) you are studying. All of this, and done in a way that does not feel overwhelming or difficult to employ. I don't feel any guilt in not reading ALL of the books listed, because I am confident in the quality of the ones I do choose, or allow my children to choose. It is like having a good friend whose recommendations you can trust! ALL THROUGH THE AGES has freed us to follow the story of history-His story- as I have always wanted, without anxiety or feeling as though I may miss something if I plot my own course. I am confident in using this book that my children may not memorize every detail of every historical event (to be listed on a test and forgotten later), but that they will remember a lot about what they have read, because it will be REAL and personal to them, having spent time with the characters and culture of the era. The Culture sections suggest some books that may appeal to kinesthetic learners, but for the most part, this is a book list, and does not include suggestions for activities within a time period or country. However, being empowered as the teacher with all of the knowledge contained in these lists makes it easier to search out activities and art suggestions to further engage our kinesthetic learners, like my son. I cannot tell you enough how much I love this book, and consider it an invaluable resource for homeschooling parents.