Adventures of Reddy Fox

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Item #: 002816
ISBN: 9780486269306
EAN: 800759269303
Grades: PreK-Adult
Author: Thornton W. Burgess

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Publisher:Dover Publications, Incorporated
Binding: Trade Paper
Pages: 96
Dimensions: 5.19 x 8.25 in.; .2 lbs.
Edition: Large Type; Reprint, illustrated
Language: English
Series Title: Dover Children’s Thrift Classics Ser.
Age Range: 8 to 11
Grade Range: 3 to 6
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Adventures of Reddy Fox | Main photo (Cover) Adventures of Reddy Fox | Additional photo (inside page) Adventures of Reddy Fox | Additional photo (inside page) Adventures of Reddy Fox | Additional photo (inside page)

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Customer Reviews

from Ohio wrote the following on :
How fun it was to read the Coyote to my children! A friend turned us on to these Thornton Burgess books and I am so thankful she did. This particular story held even the attention of my four year old - a feat that has not been accomplished thus far. The chapters are so short that you can read a few of them in a blink of an eye and feel as though you have made headway. Always fun, the chapters end in a way that will make you want to continue. You'll be sure to hear a chorus of, "Just one more chapter, Mom!" Along the way you will be amazed at how much these little stories are actually teaching your family. Hooray for the Burgess Books!
from Florida wrote the following on :
My family loves every Burgess book we have read so far! I am a Charlotte Mason homeschooler and use these books as part of our study of nature for lower grade science. My 8 yr. old daughter is always asking me to "Read more Mom!". Delightfully, Mr. Burgess clothes the study of God's creatures in literary language that even the youngest child can learn from. The characters are lovable and stick with you for life. My children and I now call so many creatures by the quaint names given them in these endearing books. My 14 yr. old son loves nature and I find that quite often, when I question where he has picked up an interesting bit of information, he responds with "the Burgess Bird book, Mom." It has been years since I read it aloud to him yet he still remembers so much! My only fault with these books is that the author credits "Mother Nature" with the creating of animals rather than God. However, since my children have a firm grasp of the truth, this has been a minor problem for our family. Overall, these are wonderful "living books" that can teach your children so much about God's creatures in a way that grabs their attention and holds their interest!