Addition Grade 1 Workbook

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Grade: 1

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Addition Grade 1 Workbook | Main photo (Cover) Addition Grade 1 Workbook | Additional photo (inside page) Addition Grade 1 Workbook | Additional photo (inside page)

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from Nebraska wrote the following on :
Do I love Kumon workbooks? Yes. Are they for you? Only you can decide. All the math books are 1 subject only. Therefore, if your child enjoys repetition, then they will like these a lot. If your child is easily bored and likes to have things changed up, these books might not be a good fit. For instance, in the 1st grade addition book, there are 28 pages in the beginning just for writing numbers, followed by 12 pages of adding by 1. My 1st grader loves math, but was not interested in filling out all those pages because she already understood the concepts quite well. So we skipped most of them. For a child who needs practice or enjoys filling out a page of things he or she knows really well, those pages will be great. I think these books have the potential to be both useful and enjoyable, as long as mom doesn't feel the need to have the child do EVERY page. Otherwise, a child might end up having to do a LOT of unnecessary repetition. If you are a fan of the Kumon preschool workbooks, do be aware that the grade-level math books contain FAR fewer graphics, and are MUCH less visually motivating/ engaging. That is not an issue for us, but it was surprising to me. My children enjoy having several manipulatives available to keep the work interesting, and we do use other math books as well, but I am pleased with my purchase of these books. The price is very reasonable for the high-quality paper they are printed on.