20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Illustrated Classic Set (Book, Activity Book, Study Guide, CD)

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ISBN: 9781562549510
Grades: 4-12

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Publisher:Saddleback Educational Publishing
Pub. Date: January 2005
Binding: Book, Other; Compact Disc; Mixed Media
Dimensions: 7.14 x 9.76 x 1.04 in.; .91 lbs.
Edition: illustrated
Language: English
Series Title: Saddleback’s Illustrated Classics
Audience: General Adult
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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Illustrated Classic Set (Book, Activity Book, Study Guide, CD) | Main photo (Cover)

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Customer Review

from Grass Valley, Ca wrote the following on :
After purchasing three versions of CD/Book sets (DK, Bring the Classics to Life, and this one, Illustrated Classics) I found this series to be the most productive. The stories are abbreviated but in an interesting way that is still true to the essence of the story. The CD readings use different voices, compelling music, and appropriate sound effects. The book is in a comic book format that really attracted my 10 year old son and though my 9 year old daughter has no special affinity for comics, she was just as interested in reading the brightly colored pages as my son. There are two books of activities included that can be copied for multiple children. We used some of them as discussion starters and others as workbook exercises. The DK series of CD/Book sets were also great and I think stayed truer to the original stories than the Illustrated Classics (though I did not buy the same book in both versions) DK also has attractive picture books to go along with the CD’s but the Illustrated Classics, in my opinion, were still the most comprehensive set of the three. The Bring the Classics to Life series was the weakest of the three, the stories are altered significantly and for a very basic reading level. I feel that having the CD can be a great tool to allow kids to read and interact with stories beyond their current reading level but this set did not use this tool and turned out to be mind numbingly boring. “Robin walked.” “The Sheriff became angry.” are actual sentences in the story then read out loud on the CD in a monotone voice. None of my three children stayed interested for long, I then put the same story in from DK and my kids volunteered to sit in the car until the story was finished.