16’ Jump Rope - Confetti Rasberry

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Grades: PreK-Adult

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16’ Jump Rope - Confetti Rasberry | Main photo (Cover) 16’ Jump Rope - Confetti Rasberry | Main photo (Cover) 16’ Jump Rope - Confetti Rasberry | Additional photo (inside page) 16’ Jump Rope - Confetti Rasberry | Additional photo (inside page)

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from British Columbia Canada wrote the following on :
Looking for summertime fun? Here is the product for you. It is the best jump rope I have found out there. In a household with 5 children I am always looking for things they can use to entertain themselves. Nothing is better than a jump rope. You can use it by yourself or with the long length you can use it as a group. The problem with jump ropes I have found is that there is not enough weight to them and it makes it hard for the kids to use them. Then there are the beaded ones that have the weight but boy is it an injury when one of the other kids accidentally gets whapped with it. These are the perfect weight and they are made out of woven material, not hard beads. We have used these outside on a sunny day or inside on rainy days. We have made games up and chants, they have been used in free play to tie up a pretend horse and used as the base for a blanket fort. There are so many things that ours have been used for other than just jumping. We have even incorporated them into our learning. If there is a hard concept we often make up a chant or rhyme to the solution and then will make it fun by jumping to it. It is so simple and affordable and a definite benefit to any household, no matter how you chose to use it!