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This program emphasizes three areas of spelling: phonics rules as they apply to spelling, proper study habits leading to good spelling, and review for reinforcement. Weaver recommends that you start this program at Level 1, but not to begin before second grade. Each level contains a Master Spelling List for the teacher with all the words along with their corresponding lesson number and the pretest lesson forms. The program uses practice writing words, explains the meanings of words, reviews phonics rules, and suggests games for reinforcement. Pretests have the words already typed on them. When your child is taking it you simply fold over the paper to hide the correct spellings, read the words from your Master Spelling List, and then check their work. At the end of every week is a final test, and any missed words should be added to next week's spelling list. Every book covers different spelling rules, but all have "Quickie Words" throughout that do not follow phonetic patterns and need to be memorized. ~ Steph

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