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Learn tricky vocabulary words that help you prepare for standardized tests, college, and beyond with this entertaining series from Cerebellum. Each 50+ minute DVD contains several short comedic episodes with young actors, hilarious characters, and entertaining plot lines that demonstrate the meaning of specific vocabulary words. As the episode progresses, the scene freezes periodically to display the words(s) and definition(s) of vocabulary relevant to the scene. An off-screen narrator recites the word, its definition, gives an example of the word being used in a sentence, and explains how the vocabulary word relates to the scene at hand. Each DVD contains over 150 vocabulary words, which can be easily skipped forward or back for additional review. Also included is a digital workbook CD-ROM with an outline, video notes, practice questions, games, and quizzes. Please note that there are several instances of the actors' taking the Lord's name in vain in the dialogue. ~ Lisa

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