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Like Word Roots books, this software provides a solid foundation in Latin and Greek prefixes, roots, and suffixes, which are the building blocks of English. As students learn to apply these word elements, they improve their spelling, reading comprehension, and ability to decode unfamiliar words. The software provides three activities for each root word that students learn. In section one, students learn word parts by matching word elements with their meanings. In section two, students assemble words from parts. Given a definition, students must analyze prefixes, roots, and suffixes, then choose and assemble the correct elements to form a complete word that matches the definition. In section three students learn how to apply words in context. While completing exercises, students are actually rebuilding ancient Roman ruins. Students begin by finding documents that explain how to rebuild a city. After completing all three sections, students will have decoded the documents, rebuilt a beautiful 5th-century city, and learned to spell and use hundreds of new words. While students are completing activities on the right side of the computer screen, colorful graphics on the left show the progress they’re making in rebuilding their city. The software is self-tutoring for independent study and has thorough on-screen and printable instructions. On-screen hints are also included for difficult exercises and the software is self-grading with printable scores. Level A covers Latin with 30 activities while Level B covers both Greek and Latin and includes 50 activities. Both are great supplements for any language arts program or as stand alone studies. System Req: Windows XP/Vista/7; Mac OS X 10.4+. (Level A2: Windows XP/Vista; Mac OS X 10.3+).

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Word Roots A1 CD-ROM Software Item #: 017272
Grades: 4-6
Rainbow Price: $20.99

Word Roots A2 CD-ROM Software Item #: 012322
Grades: 4-Adult
Rainbow Price: $21.99

Word Roots B1 CD-ROM Software Item #: 017273
Grades: 7-12
Rainbow Price: $27.99

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