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There is no better way to learn about living things than by observing them. Of course, it would be difficult or impossible to follow these creatures around during their everyday lives, but this series does a pretty good job of making up for that. I've previewed the Ants title, and was very impressed with the large, lifelike illustrations of ants on the job. Each 2-page spread features information on a type of the species, or a facet of their lives on the left-hand side, and on the right is a beautiful illustration of the creature (in the case of ants, magnified to look as if they're 2-3 inches long!) with a caption included about what the animal is doing, and why. In the case of the Ants volume, you really do feel as if you are right there among them, in their extensive tunnels, or crawling along the ground, collecting food. A glossary of the bold words in the text is included in the back, along with an index - Jess.
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