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What could be more fun than playing with bubbling mixtures and liquids that change color, err... I mean, performing chemistry experiments? Each kit provides just about everything you need to do experiments that take mere minutes to complete. If you're especially interested in chemistry, I would recommend the C1000 kits and up because they are more extensive in content and materials. In the past, we recommended the C1000 and up for most chemistry courses, as the lab manual for the first kit was skimpier on explanations, but now that the C101 has been replaced with the C500, this is no longer the case. With the introduction of the C500, the lab manual has been "overhauled," according to the manufacturer, to bring it up to speed with the other kits. However, the safety glasses in the C1000 kit (and up) are still an improvement over the goggles in the C500 kit. There is some overlap between the kits, as each kit tends to "build on" and incorporate experiments and materials from the previous kit. Please note that a 6V lantern battery is required for some experiments but not included in any of the kits. ~ Anh

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Chem C3000 Chemistry Experiment Kit 2.O Item #: 037187
Grades: 6-Adult
Item only ships to continental U.S. destinations. It will
automatically cancel if shipping to non-continental U.S.
Retail: $279.95
Rainbow Price: $251.90

Chem C2000 Chemistry Experiment Kit Item #: 031555
Grades: 6-Adult
Retail: $159.95
Rainbow Price: $143.90

Chem C1000 Item #: 025661
Grades: 5-12
Retail: $64.95
Rainbow Price: $58.40

Chem C500 Beginners Set Item #: 010064
Grades: 5-8
Retail: $34.95
Rainbow Price: $31.40

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