McGuffey’s New Eclectic Readers (1857 ed, with Charlotte Mason instruction)

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Homeschool families have cherished the McGuffey Readers for years. Whether the classic tales and academically rigorous content or the nostalgic sentiment that overcomes us as we behold these charming readers, we simply cant get enough. Yet, if you are like me, the struggle to effectively use these classics in your childrens education is tangible. Thankfully, Janice Campbell has provided us with Readers with detailed instruction for integrating them into a Charlotte Mason methodology. Focusing on Miss Masons guiding principles of copywork, narration, recitation and dictation, Mrs. Campbell provides nearly 20 pages of teaching notes on the McGuffey Readers as a core language arts curriculum for todays students (she also notes that families are welcome to simply enjoy the beauty of the McGuffey Readers for reading practice, without embracing Miss Masons language arts ways).

Each volume contains the original text, graphics, and diacritical markings from McGuffeys 1857 edition, which was carefully selected for numerous reasons. The 1857 editions were the first editions with 6 readers (with readers 5 and 6 added to provide high school literature, reading and elocution practice), and they were the last edition with which Mr. McGuffey was personally involved in reviewing. These readers reflect the values and ideas of the 19th century, which are clearly taught from a Christian perspective. One belief that is occasionally present is the idea that being good or kind is a prerequisite for being loved, and in these rare occasions, Mrs. Campbell counsels parents to stress that negative behavior does have consequences, yet children are always loved. This edition also contains additional teaching notes with a greater focus on articulation and elocution for all ages, something that is sadly missing from todays language arts curricula. Interestingly, Mrs. Campbell shares her long-held personal belief that many spelling and reading difficulties can be attributed to incorrect or unclear pronunciation; and while not guaranteed, her premise of focusing on clear pronunciation and proper expression may provide an advantage to struggling students. See below for content details. The softcover books measure 5 x 7.5, contain 102-448 pgs, and are available individually or in sets. ~Deanne

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McGuffey's New Eclectic Readers 1-3 Set Item #: MNER13
Grades: K-12
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McGuffey's New Eclectic Readers 1-6 Set Item #: MNER16
Grades: K-12
Retail: $72.94
Rainbow Price: $60.00

McGuffey's New Eclectic Readers 4-6 Set Item #: MNER46
Grades: K-12
Retail: $39.97
Rainbow Price: $35.00

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