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Comprehension is an essential skill for an enjoyable literary experience no matter what the reading material may be. This series of literature study guides covers a number of well known quality literary works, and each one is filled with activities that focus on both vocabulary and comprehension skills that students need to get the most out of their reading experience. Each guide begins with a "Focus on the Book" section which is intended to be a quick and easy reference page for the instructor. This section provides a brief synopsis of the book as well as information about the author and any relevant historical background. The "Focus Your Knowledge" section is a reference page for students and provides pre-reading activities whose objectives are to call upon prior knowledge and immerse the student in the main topic about to be covered. Each study guide divides the novel into 6 distinct sections, and each section is further divided to contain exercises before, during, and after reading. The pre-reading activities contain a list of 10 vocabulary words with their definitions that students will encounter in the section, a list of terms and/or concepts that are an integral part of the reading but may not be familiar to students of today, and a series of questions intended to help students focus on the main ideas and details. The during reading exercises revisit the vocabulary words introduced in the pre-reading exercises and has students write their own definitions and sentences for the words. A series of 10 multiple choice questions and 10 short answer questions allow for students to exhibit reading comprehension. An activity titled "Deepen Your Understanding" comes after the reading exercise and is a writing activity that focuses on critical thinking and literary analysis of the section. Last but not least, an end of book test is provided. This test consists of 20 multiple choice questions that require students to synthesize information and make inferences about the events in the book. By and large, the Focus on Reading study guides are well-organized and easy to use. The activity sheets are reproducible, and answers are included. ~ Enh
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