Vocabulary Adventure: Journey Through the Language of Math

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These books are like a cross between a math dictionary, journal, and problem-solving worktext. Designed to be used alongside your regular math program, these vocabulary pages should solidify or review the teaching of basic math concepts. Each math vocabulary word occupies the front and back of a single page. First, the word is defined and illustrated. Then, students respond to a question/activity for each stage of thinking: Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, and Synthesis. The final response is a very short journal entry. For example, the word Trapezoid (Level 2 book) is defined as “A four-sided polygon” and illustrated with a trapezoid. The knowledge question asks the student to circle the trapezoids in a group of 5 shapes. The comprehension question asks the student to “Write a sentence describing a trapezoid". The application activity is to draw and color 2 different trapezoids on a dot-paper section of the page. For synthesis, she will “Design a house. Include a trapezoid in your design". Finally, the short journal entry prompts are “Explain how a trapezoid is like a square” and “Explain how a trapezoid is different from a square". Each book also contains a two-page bibliography of “Vocabulary-Rich Mathematics Literature” for that grade in case you want to further reinforce math vocabulary. These books are unique in their approach and will hopefully help move those math concepts into long-term memory so your child doesn’t give you a blank stare when, several weeks after introducing shapes and solids, you ask, “how many vertices does it have?".
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