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Kaplan, a leader in test preparation, combines test-readiness with solid instruction and practice in basic math concepts. These books have a motivating format, bite-sized chunks, and online support, making them a good bet for solidifying those math "standards" at each grade level. The motif is mountain climbing with six "base camps", each covering a math strand. Kids are continually challenged to conquer SCORE! Mountain as they progress through the book. Text is addressed to the student, including helpful sections on time management, getting organized, and setting priorities and goals. As such, there is no separate key; just an answer "hider" to conceal the hints and answers at the bottom of each problem page. There is only one problem per page (19 per unit). If your child is confident in his answer, he can just check it. Otherwise, he can pull the "hider" down to reveal instructional "hints", giving him another chance to solve it for himself. After solving the problems in the unit, there's a Challenge Activity with a more complex problem to tackle, then a Unit Test. The solutions to these Challenge and Test problems are not just answers, but include explanations and instructions for solving. Finally, each unit ends with a "Celebrate!" page suggesting a fun activity or treat for making it to the end of that base camp. A "Tools" section in the back of the book has reminders, notes, and formulas to help students in their climb up SCORE! Mountain. As an added bonus, students can also SCORE! online as they complete each unit in the workbook. Students will receive a mountain climbing study partner and an additional set of 10 supplemental questions for each base camp. At the end, they'll be awarded a certificate of achievement.

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