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If you're searching for additional practice pages to supplement your math program, but are wanting more than basic drills, then this is the series you've been looking for. These supplement books contain page after page of non-routine math problems that will challenge your child's grasp of math concepts as well as ability to mathematically reason.

The following is a small sampling of problems you can expect from this series. For example, in the Grades 2-4 supplement, your child is tasked with forming the largest/smallest sum, difference, and product by choosing operands from a given set of numbers. In Grades 4-6, your child is challenged to deduce possible values for an unknown value N given a set of 4-5 rules, or number properties. And finally, in the Middle School Supplement, your child's understanding of percentage is put to the test by calculating the percentage of a pizza's surface area that is covered in pepperoni.

The lower and upper elementary supplements (2-6) each contain over 300 pages, with practice divided into 6 key content areas: Number and Numeration, Geometry, Operations, Measurement, Relations, and Tables and Graphs. The middle school supplement (7-9) is over 300 pages, with practice divided into 12 content areas: 2D Geometry, Number Operations; Rates, Ratios and Proportions; Probability, Fractions, Patterns, Percents, Graphing, Statistics, Number Theory, 3D Geometry, and Miscellaneous. All supplement books contain reproducible student pages with answer guide included. ~ Anh

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Mathematical Reasoning Middle School Supplement - Grades 7-9 Item #: 051050
Grades: 7-9
Rainbow Price: $24.99

Mathematical Reasoning Supplement - Grades 2-4 Item #: 051051
Grades: 2-4
Rainbow Price: $24.99

Mathematical Reasoning Supplement - Grades 4-6 Item #: 051052
Grades: 4-6
Rainbow Price: $24.99

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