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This program comes to us by customer request, and should be a real plus for those of you who like the American Language Series for phonics and reading. This no-frills, workbook approach covers the basics and then some. The consumable workbooks in this program are colorful and comprehensive and cover topics necessary to prepare for elementary math programs. It covers more than the kindergarten level of Saxon but not quite as much as Horizons. I was very impressed with its coverage and constant review at this level. There are no required manipulatives; it is a straight forward workbook curriculum.

Content is divided into 160 lessons that range from two to four pages in length and are to be done one lesson per day. Concepts covered at this level are right/left, colors red, green, yellow, blue, black, shapes circle, square, rectangle, triangle, octagon, same/different/alike, before/after, smallest/largest, shortest/tallest, shorter/taller, pair, money pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, dollar bill, time to the hour and half-hour, calendar months, days, time measurement day, hour, minute, digits and counting 0-100, count by 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 10s, addition and subtraction 0-99 (two-digits minus 1 digit with no carrying or borrowing), place value for ones and tens, and word problems. Pretty impressive for kindergarten! Review is found throughout the book and is done continually as new concepts are presented. New concepts are presented in progression and each builds upon previous concepts.

There is no teacher edition or answer key for this series which shouldn't be an issue at the kindergarten level. It does, however, affect the oral exercises found throughout the book. There are exercises that tell the student to 'circle the number that the teacher reads.' Since there is no teacher instruction, the parent or teacher will need to decide on their own what those numbers will be. There is enough basic instruction in the student workbook to know what should be done on each page with that single exception.

If you're looking for the kindergarten math basics this is a great program thorough, visually appealing to both child and parent, and easy to use. This is a quality program with which to begin your child's math education. ~ Donna

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