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Pick up a Singapore math textbook (any one of our three elementary school programs) and flip through it. You'll immediately notice that it looks different. At least one reason for this is the prolific use of the model drawing method for solving word problems. This approach is one of the things that sets the Singapore method apart. However, it's a skill that can be applied to any math word problem from any math series. So, if you have a student that struggles with word problems, OR you want to give your students an effective tool for understanding and completing word problems, OR you want to understand a unique problem-solving method, this book provides the way.

Introducing and explaining model drawing first but keeping it brief, the book then moves to its "heart" guided practice. Starting with the simplest of addition problems and continuing through beginning algebra, problems are presented and followed by step-by-step guidance in finding solutions using the bar models. There is "Teacher Talk" (scripting) for each of the eight steps. Basic foundational principles are identified by instructing the student to "Hold This Thought." A section called "Milking the Problem for all It's Worth" does just that provides questions that broadens the application of the principles. Although there are almost 70 pages in this section, there are only 20 problems. This exemplifies a basic tenet of the bar modeling method. There's more value in working 10-15 minutes on one problem each day (consistently) than in working 15 problems once a week.

Following the guided practice is a section providing problems for independent practice. These problem sheets can be copied for classroom use. Worked solutions for each help the teacher confirm his understanding of the methodology. At the back, a resources section provides a print and CD-ROM references listing, a reproducible grid for model drawing, and an index. 160 pgs, pb

The colorful poster provides a visual representation/reminder of the eight steps, reworded (curiously) into seven steps. Similar black and white pages from the book can be copied. ~ Janice

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Step-by-Step Model Drawing Poster Item #: 047336
Grades: 1-8
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Step-by-Step Model Drawing Item #: 047335
Grades: 1-8
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