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Meet Sir Gadabout, voted in the March edition of Knights Illustrated magazine as "the knight most likely to chop his own foot off in a fight," and generally known by all as The Worst Knight in the World. That said, Gadabout is polite and hard-working, so King Arthur has taken pity on him and made him a Round Table knight. In the first book things start out normally, but heat up when Lady Guinevere (who is always kind to Gadabout, and never laughs at him) is kidnapped, and it just so happens that all the Knights of the Round Table are away fighting off a legion of fire-breathing dragons, leaving no one to go after Guinevere except Sir Lancelotand Sir Gadabout. So begin the zany, misguided adventures of Sir Gadabout, his reluctant sidekick Sidney Smith (Merlin the Magician's bitterly sarcastic ginger cat), and his faithful band of friends. Follow the motley crew as they seek to rescue a beautiful queen, clear the name of Sir Henry (a ghost haunted by accusations of theft in his former life), attempt to tame a devilish child called Little Roger, recover the stolen Excalibur, face swarthy pirates on the high seas, and travel in time just to name a few of their calamitous escapades! Although written with 3rd-6th graders in mind, there is enough adventure and clever humor here to amuse young and old alike. Each book has between 80-100 pages and is illustrated with whimsical black and white drawings. Rachel P.

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