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"What's all the commotion? ANIMALS in motion!" So begins the excitement in Gallop, as you flip open the front cover and see a horse, quite literally trotting across the page! This is definitely a fun book for young children, with colorful, simple text serving only to highlight the amazing, moving panes of animals on each page. It's full of action as dog streaks, cat pounces, rooster struts, butterfly flutters, monkey swings, turtles swim, and eagle flies. No wonder it's been at the top of the bestseller list for so many weeks! Just turning the page sets each animal in motion. I'm still not sure how they get so much movement with such a small amount of "play" in the margin, but I'm not about to tear the book apart to find out - I'd like to share this copy with the grandkids!

Now there are additional captivating Scanimation books that have the same neat "moving" pictures but have different themes. In Swing, there are kids playing sports instead of animals moving; a boy hits a baseball that looks like it's coming off the page to hit you, kids kick soccer balls, ride bikes, do cartwheels, etc. Star Wars is based on the movie series and includes 11 iconic scenes with small quotes from the movies; Obi-Wan battles a lunging acklay, Luke and Leia swing across an abyss to flee stormtroppers, Darth Vader shakes his fist, etc. Waddle is another animal-themed book like Gallop, with different animals like a penguin waddling, a frog hopping, a bears scampering, etc. A unique aspect of Waddle is that there's a bit of color in the moving pictures, which adds some extra fun.

All the books are visually captivating, measure 5"x7.25" and are hardcover.

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Gallop! A Scanimation Picture Book Item #: 041948
Grades: PreK-Adult
Retail: $13.95
Rainbow Price: $10.75

Swing! Item #: 023239
Grades: PreK-Adult
Retail: $12.95
Rainbow Price: $4.95

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