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It was early on in my career as an early reader that I became hooked on mysteries. There was nothing better than getting to the end of the book and having it all figured out. That is, until I got older and started cutting my teeth on Agatha Christie novels and found out that sometimes when you get to the end, you still have no idea who the criminal is. However, I firmly believe that by exercising those extra inquisitive neurons when you're an early reader, you definitely get a jump on picking up subtle clues! The High-Rise Private Eye team is made up of Jack Jones (a raccoon) and Bunny Brown. They live and work in the city, and take their cases as they can find them. Although the mysteries they solve are hardly serious (missing monkey figurines, missing binoculars, etc.), these simple chapter books are written with subtle humor as the two private eyes take themselves and their "mysteries" very seriously. Bunny fastidiously records all clues in her green spiral notebook, and Jack anxiously looks for clues (although he tends to be easily distracted). The illustrations of the private eyes and their animal clients with lots of personality are an added plus. Any girl or boy looking for an entertaining read should enjoy these! - Jess

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