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These CD-ROMs take the exercises from the popular Daily Warm-ups Series and makes them available digitally. Each CD-ROM contains 180 short, 10-minute exercises to engage students. The exercises are taken from the actual books, and the best exercises from all the language arts books are included. Worksheets in the Grades 5-8 edition cover analogies, common English idioms, commonly confused words, critical thinking, daily edits, journal writing, poetry, prefixes/suffixes/roots, spelling/grammar, vocabulary, and writing. Worksheets in the Grades 9-12 edition cover critical thinking, figurative language, grammar/usage, mythology, prefixes/suffixes/roots, Shakespeare, test-prep words, and vocabulary word-play. The worksheets are in a PDF format, so you simply print them out and they're ready to go! Answer keys are also available to view or print out. System Requirements: Windows 3.1 or greater, Macintosh 7.0 or greater, and Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or newer (free download for Acrobat available online). A great way to provide quick, daily exercises in language arts. ~ Rachel

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