Scoring High on the California Achievement Tests (CAT6)

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The ultimate in specialized, standardized test preparation! If your children are required to take standardized tests, you'll appreciate being able to familiarize them and prepare them beforehand. Even if tests are optional for you, you may be curious to know how they would perform on such a test. This series is excellent for spotting weaknesses in test-taking skills or gaps in learning. Long considered the standard in test-specific preparation, Scoring High is very complete and easy to use. Teacher's Editions provide detailed lesson plans and are necessary to use with the workbooks. They feature minimized reproductions of student pages with the answers filled in and also provide scripted instructions, teaching suggestions, test-taking tips, and objectives for the topic being covered. The student workbooks are filled with tests in the standardized, fill-in-the bubble format that students will encounter at the various grade levels. Apoproximately 20-30 tests are included in each workbook and cover the skills related to each test. Students fill in bubbles directly on the pages (please note that the workbooks are not reproducible so each student will need their own). The final unit in the student book is made up of practice tests, where students can use what they've learned throughout the book. There are no answers or teaching tips in the student books, which is why the teacher books are needed. In using this series, students become familiar with both following oral directions and the terminology on the tests and they get plenty of practice with actually taking tests. Student and Teacher books are both softcover and the number of pages varies by grade level. Most of the test series below have been updated since we first offered Scoring High (with the exception of the CAT5 series). Newer editions are lengthier than the old versions, and feature nicely updated layout and visual changes. Some content has been updated as well, in keeping with changes in the tests.

Includes practice in: reading, language arts, math, study and reference skills.

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