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This is a really cool piece of classroom furniture - especially if you are a fan of cubbies, paper shelves and vertical book storage. The unit stands 36" high, 48" wide and 14.5" deep. It is made of a light birch veneer that has a clean, modern look that will stand the test of time. Across the bottom half are 3 rows of 5 cubbies that measure 6" high x 8.75" wide x 13.5" deep. Above this area are 12 horizontal paper shelves (6 on each side of) a central storage area with 5 vertical dividers. You can also use the top of the cabinet for goodies as there is a lip at each end. This would make an amazing art supply cabinet! Store construction paper and drawing paper on the flat shelves, art idea books in the vertical area and all of your fabulous supplies in the cubby trays! One for scissors, one for glue, one for recycled bits like milk caps and paper rolls, one for paper scraps, etc. So many options! The trays (aka bins) that come with the sets are about the size of a shoe box (without lids) and fit into the spaces with a little room all around. The colors include: red, blue, green and yellow. The opaque trays are whitish-clear. These measure exactly 5"H x 8"W x 13"L. The entire shelf is on casters, but it looks like it would stand fine without them too. Assembly is required, but all tools and hardware are included, along with easy to follow instructions. Includes anti-tipping hardware. From Steffy Wood Products. ~Sara

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